Sani Elizabeth BIO

Justine Elizabeth Jones (born May 25, 1993) better known by her stage name Sani Elizabeth is a USA, New York born rapper, singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Sani grew up in a Hip Hop Culture, Sani was raised latin, her mother and grandparents from the country of Dominican Republic paved a versatile bilingual background inspiring her music style.


From age 6, her father a Brooklyn Native introduced her to Rap and Pop Culture. At a young age, Reggaeton music fell in Sani’s heart as in the same time as her inspirational iconic figures in other Genres such as Ashanti, Beyonce, Pit Bull, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, Mya Jennifer Lopez, Missy Eliiot, 3LW, EVE, SClub 7, 50 Cent, Daddy Yankee, Wising Y Yandel, Tego Calderon, Don Omar and many more.Inspired by female rap icons such as Nicki Minaj, Fox Brown and Lil Kim. Spending unlimited hours daily, she developed her writing skills At age 11.


Caring a notebook to school and writing raps at 17 Sani started visiting recording studios leaning & growing her talent.July 2015, Sani packed her bags and left NY, moving to Atlanta on a Musical quest hopping fulfill her dreams. Sleeping in her car & spending few nights homeless, she latter leased an apartment in Alison Ct, not knowing she moved in the hood. Spending Christmas & New Year Nights hearing gunshots instead of fire works, Sani had to learn to protect herself in such an environment. living single, she survived the streets of Cleveland Ave. From radio station to another trying to get air play, she did not get much luck.Realizing money to support her quest & dreams ran out, she rented her apartment rooms in the hood in efforts to afford her bills and pursue her dreams. December 17th Sani was invited to guest at a Recording Studio where she meet Executive Producer, Prince Desire, who would help develop her talent in search of her breakthrough. It took 2 years to develop her music skills and feel ready for an international scene leading to the production of first Mix Tape/ Album “Dreams” debut January 1st 2019.Sani Elizabeth then signed with Creative Beat Composer “King Of Melody” a.k.a Tendaishe Sigauke, Executive Producer & Engineer “Prince Desire” under her music brand Sani ElizabethLlc.

Collaborated with Sound Engineer & Grammy Nominated Jared “Praajex” Lynch and Sound Engineer & Grammy Nominate Andre Nelson producing “Dreams” Mixtape which is available on all streaming platforms. Dreams is a 23 Track Project which purpose is to create Hype and set Sani Elizabeth artistry to all music platforms presenting herself to music lovers and fans as Queen $layer. Sani will not stop with Dreams, more music to come as we witness an icon in the making. Sani Elizabeth is released her second Mixtape “Playlist” in 2020 making it her second official mixtape. “I DON’T KKNOW“ is Sani Elizabeth Second Mixtape to drop in 2020, making it the Third Official Mixtape to be released under World Empire Records. @sanielizabeth @saniqueenslayer #Queen

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