Sani will not Stop with DREAMS Mixtape

Working with World Empire Records assigned Creative Beat Composer King Of Melody a.k.a Tendaishe Sigauke, Executive Producer & Engineer Prince Desire, Sound Engineer & Grammy Nominated Jared “Praajex” Lynch and Sound Engineer & Grammy Nominate Andre Nelson, Dreams is a 23 Track Project which purpose is to create Hype and set Sani Elizabeth artistry to all music platforms presenting herself to music loves and fans as Queen $layer. This is Sani First Mixtape giving birth to the Hip Hop and Rap music Industry. Sani will not stop with Dreams, more music to come as we witness an icon in the making. @sanielizabeth @saniqueenslayer #Queen$layer

Hip HopPopBritish popLatin hip hopTrapspanish hip hopafroafrican african hip hopfemale rap

Released by:
World Empire Records
Album release date:
31 December 2018

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